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Although it is said that the resume is dead and that the Internet and social and professional networks have positioned themselves strongly as an element for job search, the resume is still a necessary tool for job search. But today we are not going to talk about the resume, but about what to do with it.

That is to say, creating a good resume is fundamental, without a doubt, but it is essential to detail all your information and, above all, to know how to send it in the most appropriate way at the time of the job search, so that it arrives as soon as possible.

It is more than usual that when sending the resume we do it alone, that is to say, send it by email without anything else, which is undoubtedly a mistake. When sending a resume by e-mail you should always write a small text as an introductory text through which I will look for a way to capture the attention (in a positive way) of the recipient. It would not be a standard cover letter, because it would not have to follow the same structure as such, you always have to say everything you have studied or worked so far.

In addition, when people talk about a cover letter they tend to think of it as something stereotyped, boring and that does not contribute anything of value, being undoubtedly this a simplistic and not very accurate vision, because the value of your cover letter is given by you. The objective of the letter is to attract attention, to highlight your positive aspects as a professional, to make the person who receives it think of you as a suitable candidate for the position.
Sending your resume correctly and completely is essential to capture the attention of the person who receives it. Think that during the course of a day you may receive hundreds or thousands of emails with attached resumes, so you have to find a way to be «different». How should I send the resume by email in the right way?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Complete the subject line. Whether you are sending it as a self-nomination or in response to an advertisement, you must fill in the subject field. If there is a contact person you must reflect it here, putting for example «To the attention of …..» or «A/A …. (the name of the person). If you respond to an ad and it points to some text for the subject, do not forget to put it correctly (usually something like the reference number of the offer). It is very important to put it exactly as it indicates you, because if they have put a filter in the email to group the emails with that subject, yours will be lost. If it is a self-application and you do not have anyone as a reference, indicate «Sending resume» or something similar, but NEVER leave it empty. Write an introductory text in the body of the message. Never leave it empty, it is extremely impersonal and gives a very bad image. It is important that you write it in a polite way, with a polite heading. This text, which does not necessarily have to be a cover letter as such, should be written without spelling mistakes, in a formal and polite way, a few lines where we will highlight interesting points of our curriculum or our professional skills to make it attractive and of course we will also say goodbye in a polite way, like «Looking forward to meeting you in an interview….» or «Thank you very much in advance, kind regards….» and we will indicate our name and surname at the end.

  2. We will attach the curriculum in PDF. It is the most advisable, for the simple reason that this way nothing is out of place. If you do not have a program to convert it into PDF, you can do it online.

  3. Your resume file, don’t call it «resume»! You have to save the resume file with simple names like «resume2014» or «curri» or «resume with photo». When you send it you should put, as file name, «Curriculum Elena Ariño» that is, curriculum and your name. Now is the best time to find the job of your dreams above all.

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