People who have been using the internet for quite some time now probably have heard about Hangouts in the past. This is one is for sure one of the oldest apps Google has developed, and nowadays, it has remained active among the different Google apps.
Before, Hangouts was known as one of the top apps for people to stay communicated no matter where they were. The good thing is that the app remains the same in what its first goal is, but it has gone through different changes.
Hangouts was first a free app, then a paid app, then free once again, and nowadays it has changed its name to “Google Chat”, but it is still remembered as one of the most important communication apps there. So, if you want to know more about what this app will offer, don’t miss out on anything we have to say here.


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What is Hangouts exactly?

Hangouts is an app that has constantly been changing in how it works and what it offers to people. Back then, it seemed to be an app quite similar to what we know today as WhatsApp, for example, as its main use was communicating.
This app included most of the same features other communication apps had, and nowadays, it still offers people the chance to send photos, videos, files, and a lot more through chats.
There are also other important points here, such as the chance for people to make video calls or phone calls whenever it is needed. As we can see, Hangouts is pretty complete.

What is the main use of the Hangouts app?

So far, we have pointed out what Hangouts offers to people. But to be more clear, communication is the main use that we can find when using Hangouts. But beyond that, there’s no need to mention that this app is not good only for personal use, as teams can also use it due to other features it offers.
Also, it is important to mention people can create “Spaces” where they can add other people and simplify processes. Of course, as this one is an app developed by Google, the easiness of use when it comes to connecting to any other Google app will be quite easy, and that’s something great to know.
As for now, Hangouts remains one of the apps that some companies and individuals prefer for communicating, but other alternatives have become more important in the market. That’s something totally normal to see, but we can still say that, nowadays, Hangouts it’s still one of the best apps available on the market for teams and individuals to use and simplify everything.


Is there a restriction to using Hangouts?

As for the age, we can say the proper age for using Hangouts is people who are older than ten years old, of course. But other than this, the actual restriction comes with the groups, as there only can be 15 participants.

Can people get Hangouts for free?

Nowadays, it is. A few years ago, Hangouts used to be a paid app, but that changed.

Can people access a premium version of Hangouts?

No. Nowadays, there’s no “Premium” version of the Hangouts app; everyone with either a paid or free Google app can access all the features this app includes.

On which devices can people use Hangouts?

Basically, every device that supports Google tools will be able to use Hangouts. Mobiles, PCs, and tablets are part of the list of devices available to use Hangouts nowadays, and that’s something worth knowing for those who have doubts.

How to Get App on MobileHow to Get App on PC
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