In recent years, different platforms or applications have been created that have served as means of communication for people who play multiplayer video games, or who simply look for gaming communities to exchange opinions and meet new people.
And one of those applications that have risen above the rest is Discord, an online communication platform in addition to has different very specific functions made for gaming, and then you will learn more about it.

What is Discord?

Discord is an online communication platform that offers its users a range of options and features that make it stand out from the rest thanks to its versatility and multiplatform function since you can use it from your computer or your mobile device very easily and without inconvenience.
Through Discord, you can communicate with your friends or join different video game communities or other specific topics to chat about it and learn more about it.
Remember that Discord is a platform to talk to other users while they play and you don’t necessarily have to be inside the application while you have your games in the background, therefore, it is the best option when it comes to gaming since it is mainly focused under the idea of forming an incredible community of gamers.


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What is Discord’s main use?

For most of its users, Discord is a great online communication platform to talk about video games or different topics that the community can discuss in the huge number of groups and communities that they have created within this application.
In addition to this, you must remember that Discord is a platform focused almost entirely on the gamer world because its main use stands out within video games and how you can broadcast or simply show what you are playing.

Some FAQs you should know about Discord

Is it possible to get the Discord app for free?

Yes, Discord is a free app that you can download on your phone from the app store or on your computer from the official website. However, some options are paid and that is up to you if you want to buy them or not, since these are not mandatory.

Which devices is the Discord app compatible with?

Discord is a cross-platform app as you can download and install it on your mobile devices and computers.

Does the Discord app have a premium version with exclusive content?

Discord has a version called Discord Nitro, which allows its most staunch users or those with large servers and communities to manage large groups more efficiently and easily.
If you want to handle this number of groups, Discord Nitro is the right choice for a more personalized version of the app. However, it is not mandatory to buy it to be able to enjoy all the options that Discord offers to its users.

Discord’s pros and cons

Discord is incredibly one of the best platforms to share tastes in terms of video games or other current topics depending on the theme of the servers and channels where you are.
In this case, we are talking about a platform that offers a wide variety of options for the gaming community thanks to how people can interact with each other while they are playing online or broadcasting live gameplays.
Remember that you can create individual servers, add friends to talk to them, or meet people in different groups and communities, it also has the function of adding bots to have a better experience, as well as being able to integrate Discord with other programs and applications.

Why should I download the Discord app?

Discord is an incredible platform that helps the gamer community to communicate with other people around the world in a matter of seconds in this way, everyone can share their tastes and also allows the creation of large communities, which makes it one of the major software today.
Remember that you will be able to perform a lot of actions through Discord thanks to its range of positive features and the way it gives its users complete freedom to create channels and servers dedicated to specific topics.
The main idea of Discord is to offer its users total security in addition to feeling confident to share with other people in all their communication channels so that in this way the community of gamers continues to grow even more through this online platform.

Discord: Is it worth using?

Currently, there is much software that does the interconnection function to talk with your friends while you play online with them.
And in this case, Discord is the main option when it comes to this since it is one of the most versatile programs that currently exist and that has conquered many gamers to use them during their online games or to communicate directly through groups created by the community of different multiplayer video games.
Here you will learn why Discord is the ideal option for you and why you should use it to communicate with your friends while you play since it is not only about communicating during online games, but you can also use it as a messaging system from your phone or computer to create groups and communities and thus chat with many people around the world.

What characterizes Discord?

Discord is an online communication program where you can create different servers dedicated to specific topics, these servers can be divided into communication channels to organize groups and communities.
Through these communication channels, you can talk to your friends and communities through messages, private or public, or directly through voice channels to speak through your microphone in case you are outside the program and you are playing a video game.
Remember that Discord is not only a platform to talk with other users or your friends while you are playing, it is also a library of games. The program can check your computer with your permission to see what games you store and display them in your profile description while you are playing them.
You can also broadcast from Discord so that the community or your friends can see you play without any problem while you comment on live gameplay. In this way we could say that Discord is an incredible platform to share your tastes with other people.

How to Get App on MobileHow to Get App on PC
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